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The whole journey to the moment they buy your product can take days or even weeks. Introducer Scenario – Sara is on your website reading a review on a new product from a company she has never purchased from before. Sara is effectively compelled to purchase the product reviewed in the article so she clicks on the affiliate link included in the article and purchases the product. is a SaaS platform that solves growth related challenges in media-buying through sophisticated and big-data-ready technology. Leader provider for affiliates, publishers, and ad agencies to consolidate their campaigns and data in one easy-to-use interface.

Before we dwell on technical issues and practical applications of raw data, just a short recap of what affiliate marketing is. Since attribution model is just a framework for the analysis of your performance, it’s your call to choose this framework. Understand the importance of individual advertising campaigns in the funnel. See the performance by campaigns and ads in the funnel and find their value towards the conversion goal. Measure the length of the conversion path for the user and find out which touchpoints are key to make conversion happen. If we take last-click attribution, we would give the credit to organic traffic.


It’s even possible to get Odyssey’s attribution into your current marketing dashboard, compatible with environments like Google Data Studio or Klipfolio and many others. The marketing attribution method you choose will depend on a variety of factors. Naturally you must take into account the maturity of your business, the complexity of your marketing mix and your unique competitive environment. This model rewards the marketing event closest to the conversion with the majority of the credit and the events prior with a diminishing amount of credit.

affiliate attribution model

By assigning a value to the position element, such fraction of the total commission is attributed to publishers for their initiating, converting and assisting position in the transaction. Totally customisable by using exceptions for specific site types and most applicable to direct purchase transactions. In a market dominated by Last Click, TradeTracker presents Real Attribution. Motivate your publishers by making their effort worth more and by recognising their value through our game changing models.

A closer look at the Awin network with Odyssey Attribution

This model is useful when analyzing a conversion event that has long sales cycles, where all the touch points are important in building a brand image. Last click or last interaction is the classic model used in many reporting tools. It’s only good for figuring out which touchpoints are driving the actual conversions, it completely ignores the rest of the referral touchpoints. Thanks to attribution, publishers ROI values will increase and lead to them directing more traffic and transactions to your campaigns. Over the past years, affiliate marketing has grown its importance as a marketing channel.

affiliate attribution model

This incentivizes affiliates to focus on driving conversions and rewards them for successful sales. Last-click attribution can also be used to track and monitor an affiliate’s performance, allowing marketers to measure the success of their affiliate program. However, this view neglects the steps of the customer journey that took place prior to this click, hence does not account for the other touchpoints that contributed to the eventual sale. Once the terms and conditions have been agreed between advertiser, publisher and network and the contract has been signed, the process can begin. The advertiser provides the publisher with advertising material in the form of banners or links, which the publisher can place on their page or channel.

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Standard position-based attribution modeling applies 40% credit each to last and first touch. It then distributes the remaining 20% across each touch in between. These percentages can typically be adjusted manually to accommodate your unique business model, which turns this into more of a customized position-based model. Sometimes referred to as equal attribution, these even models reward every marketing event in the buyer’s journey equally for the conversion. Methods that reward just one channel limit the marketer’s ability to optimize their channel and gain incremental value from non-traditional partners.

affiliate attribution model

In this article, I’ll walk you through the most common questions about affiliate conversion tracking. Those of us on the inside looking out see things quite differently. Affiliate marketing is digital in microcosm, every discipline you can think of, a broad church unified by a common payment metric. And this is a problem, it’s a channel defined by its commercial model, rather than the activity that sits behind it. We strive to make multi-touch attribution accessible and transparent for all marketers across the globe.

Real Attribution Insights

This information can then be used to further optimize the affiliate program and ensure that affiliates are rewarded for their efforts. With the same attribution models providers use for their direct clients, they can now use in affiliate marketing. Imagine being an affiliate that hosted a blog you lost out on your credit because the last click attribution model always favored a re-targeting ad? If your affiliate network was using a Linear Multi-Touch attribution model, you would get the same credit as the re-targeting ad. Disputes of credit will be down and more affiliates will be making revenue in turn adding more effort to their advertising methods. The program must be properly configured to meet the business objectives defined at the beginning.

  • She has a healthy discretionary income but always prefers to score a deal on any online purchase.
  • This incentivizes affiliates to focus on driving conversions and rewards them for successful sales.
  • The source of the last click before purchase gets the credit and financial reward for driving a purchase.
  • Below is a cheat sheet that shows the pros and cons of marketing attribution models and how new technologies are changing our approach.
  • This will lead to discrepancies in data as affiliate marketers will report different results using separate mechanisms.

Useful when you want to focus on getting more traffic and branding from publishers with a vast reach. And only some analytics vendors, including Piwik PRO, give you the affiliate marketing system raw data which allows you to perform such an investigation. When working with many different agencies and people within them, tracking convertions change regularly.

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Starting from July 2023, Google will begin phasing out rules-based attribution models, and you can expect them to disappear altogether by September. These include first click, linear, time decay, and position-based attribution models, and they will be replaced by data-driven attribution models. This has the potential to significantly change the affiliate marketing industry. Most publisher models are optimized for the last-click attribution and therefore located at the lower end of the marketing funnel (e.g. product and price comparison, cashback and vouchers). Let’s say a visitor clicks the affiliate link on the price comparison site, for which you paid one euro, later goes to the brand website, but doesn’t buy anything. Next, the visitor browses the web, and thanks to your remarketing campaign they click the display ad that cost you 50 cents CPM per view.

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Last click attribution assigns all credit to the last marketing event encountered before a conversion. Your account manager will gladly assist you in finding and setting up the optimal attribution and pricing. Attribution is an advanced multi-touch attribution company that empowers every marketer with the data to convert more buyers and maximize ROI. With a patent pending approach, Attribution delivers the most complete performance visibility with unmatched usability. The truth of the matter is, there’s no silver bullet for modeling attribution. Our team has found the best way to get an accurate understanding, is to compare our numbers for each of the models.

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